Commercial Real Estate Appraisal Services

Tricomi & Associates is an independent, unbiased appraisal firm that offers commercial real estate valuation services to property owners, business owners, facility managers, financial institutions, real estate developers, accountants and attorneys.

We pride ourselves on the thorough nature of our reports and documentation, and each one is rooted in the most current best practices of the Appraisal Institute, as well as our own high standards of customer service.

Some specific uses of Tricomi commercial real estate appraisals include:

Rent Studies

This type of study is typically provided to owners who are attempting to establish an asking rent for a new tenant, or to re-lease the property to an existing tenant. This analysis is also provided to tenants when they are evaluating the various options for leasing or re-leasing space. In providing this study, the market is researched for recent leases of comparable properties. Carefully analyzing the subject leases, the comparable leases are then compared to an existing or proposed subject property. The result is an opinion of market rent and lease terms appropriate for the property being studied.

Consultation Services

Tricomi & Associates counsels business owners on determining the right time to buy and sell property, as well as determining the feasibility of a commercial investment. Is this a fair offer? At what price should I list my property? What do I need to do to my property before putting it on the market? We can offer unbiased help and can advise you on a myriad of topics to real estate. Our consulting services can help you properly evaluate just about any real estate situation.

Litigation and Expert Testimony

Our experience provides valuable insight and clarity to our clients, advising during every stage of a contested matter. We are skilled at communicating our findings through preparation, deposition, and expert testimony. John J. Tricomi has testified in Federal Bankruptcy Court, the Court of Common Pleas and Domestic Relations, Board of Revision and Board of Tax Appeal. Chris Tricomi has testified at the Board of Revision and in Court of Common Pleas.

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