Residential Real Estate Appraisals

Tricomi & Associates' residential real estate appraisal team provides a comprehensive set of independent, third-party home valuation services. We're experienced, licensed and take a thorough, unbiased approach to our appraisals, and we're guided by the best practices of the Appraisal Institute and our own high standards of customer service.

We've serviced Warren, Youngstown, Western Pennsylvania and surrounding areas for more than 40 years, and we're proud to have developed a strong reputation among area realtors, financial institutions, attorneys and accountants for our responsiveness, turnaround time and professionalism.

Some specific uses of Tricomi residential real estate appraisals include:

Mortgage Lending

Often, a mortgage lender will require an appraisal on the property you want to buy before they will lend you the money to buy it. This helps them ensure the property could sell for the amount of money they are lending you. If you are refinancing an asset, an appraisal will likely be required for the same reason. We provide our services to the majority of the local lending institutions, as well as to regional and national institutions.

Separation of Marital Assets

Marital assets owned by you and your spouse need to be identified. The assets will need to be categorized by marital or non-martial property. A value will have to be assigned to the assets. Often in these cases, appraisals involve specific analyses. They include “as-is,” “retrospective” and “component” analyses. We have vast experience to perform complex assignments, and deliver a credible and defensible testimony as expert witnesses.

Estate Matters

An integral part of the process of estate settlement is to determine what assets were owned by the deceased and the value of the assets. We work regularly with home owners and attorneys in Warren, Youngstown and Western Pennsylvania during the estate settlement process. Generally, the services include a retrospective valuation, or a “date of death” appraisal. Our services are commonly used by legal counsel, private individuals and probate court.

Eminent Domain

Also known as condemnation, this is the right of government to take private property for public use, with payment of compensation. Partial takes often result in damages and must be carefully analyzed to estimate their impact on compensation to the property owner. Total takes must also be properly analyzed in order to ensure fair compensation.

Residential Consultation Services

Is it the right time to buy or sell? Should I renovate my [kitchen, bathroom, yard, etc.] before I put my home on the market? If this a fair offer? At what price should I list my property? What do I need to do to my property before putting it on the market? We can offer unbiased help and can advise you on a myriad of topics to real estate. Our consulting services can help you properly evaluate just about any residential real estate situation.

Property Tax Appeals

A well-researched appeal can slash your property tax bill. As a property owner or school district, if you believe that your real estate property taxes are unfair as a result of a flawed county valuation, we develop a retrospective market value opinion and provide an appraisal report for purposes of tax appeal.

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